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In aviation, the safety of passengers and crew is paramount. This area is extremely strictly regulated and will always be a priority, so due to the Covid-19 pandemic, additional health safety measures will be implemented in flights. We are ready to meet all the necessary requirements to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during the flight.

Official resources of information about Covid-19:

World Health Organization
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health

Before travel

  • Please review and observe the current entry requirements for your destination as well as the regulations at the departure and destination airports. Some countries for example require temperature screening upon arrival and wearing masks in public areas. For information about travel restrictions in different countries, you can visit:
  • https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/
  • We strongly recommend check-in online through Heston Airline, if possible, so that you can avoid queues and direct contact at check-in desk at the airport.
  • Pre-order your inflight meal and other services in advance, if possible.
  • Depending on country requirements, you may be required to wear a face mask during the journey. Please bear in mind that masks should be changed every 4 hours or when becoming wet or soiled.
  • You can carry disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer fluid that meets the allowable fluid level in your hand luggage.
  • Stay home if you feel unwell. Anyone with symptoms of a respiratory infection will be denied boarding.

At the airport

  • Only passengers with valid boarding pass or flight ticket can enter the airport.
  • Please always wear your face mask while at the airport.
  • Use hand sanitizers at the airport that are available.
  • For your safety, always keep distance to other customers. Observe physical barriers or signs indicating distancing requirements.
  • Avoid unnecessary gatherings of people, physical contacts.
  • Please be ready for initial health screening (body temperature control) at the airports. In each airport health protection measures may be different.
  • Keep in mind that many shops and restaurants at the airports may still be closed. Please check latest information on the website of each airport.


  • Boarding will start from the rear part, so please wait until your boarding group is called.
  • Please wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose by boarding begins and during the flight.
  • It is recommended to prepare boarding passes in advance, self-scan them and show your travel document to the boarding agent.
  • To follow the distancing rules airport bus boarding and de-boarding will be done with a reduced number of passengers. Airport buses are regularly disinfected.


  • Our crew wear protective face masks and gloves during the whole flight. Please wear the face mask as well, until the moment you exit the airport in your destination country.
  • Heston Airlines aircraft are equipped with modern environmental control system. Airborne pathogens from the cabin air are eliminated when the air passes through high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that provides the best level of filtration available for cabin air.
  • Our aircraft are regularly disinfected. After each return flight we carefully clean all commonly used surfaces such as armrests, backrests, meal tray tables, seatbelt latches, air and light gaspers, overhead bin handles, galleys and toilets.
  • To minimize contact between people on board, our current in-flight service has been adapted and simplified.
  • Please avoid unnecessary movement in the cabin. If you need to move around for medical reasons, it’s of course permitted.
  • We strongly recommend payments with cards.
  • Please consider your fellow passengers and maintain social distancing upon leaving the aircraft.

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